Great article! By Stephen Russell MD I cut my teeth on country music in college. Having come from Alabama, one would think that country music was in my blood, but it took a move to Nashville to have the country melody course through my soul. In a line from a country music classic at that time, Clint Black sang: “Walking away, I saw a side of you that I knew was there all along.” The song is a tribute to broken hearts, but who knew that walking away (or walking, anyway) could actually be good for a broken heart? In a December 2013 issue of the medical journal, The Lancet, investigators of the NAVIGATOR trial asked what effect exercise really had on the heart. Studying over 9,000 participants with pre-diabetes and known heart problems (or a significant risk for heart problems) these scientists tracked how much their patients exercised. For a week at the beginning of the study, and then a week almost six years later, patients wore a pedometer to record their steps. For those patients who walked over 2,000 steps in a day (the equivalent of 20-minutes of sweat-producing exercise), their cardiovascular health was improved. Significantly. Walking 2,000 steps a day […]

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I love working out at In Shape fitness with David Johnson. After having my twin girls, I had gotten out of shape and gained some weight. I could not do a sit up, push up, and certainly not a burpee! I have been working out with David consistently for over a year, and I have been able to lose all the weight that I gained during my pregnancy, and even more!!! I have really gotten stronger, and am able to do work out movements that I have never been able to do before. Not only do I feel like I am in great shape, I have more energy and feel good about myself. David is very encouraging and helps you complete every workout even if you feel like you can't make it. Every workout is different, so I don't get tired of doing to same routine every time. Thank you David for being a wonderful coach and motivator, and to help me reach my fitness goals.

Abbie Tucker
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