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Dr. Murtaza Ahmed, a good friend of my brother and his team of cardiologists breaks down the do’s and don’ts of protein. By Murtaza Ahmed MD There is no denying that protein is an extremely important substance when it comes to exercise.  Skeletal muscles compile approximately 40% of the bodyweight of the average person, and hold about 60% of the bodies protein stores.  Given these figures it is no wonder that people in the sports community, and more importantly sports industry, have become obsessed with protein and its necessity for muscle growth and development.  Every other page in a fitness magazine bears an advertisement for some form of protein shake and the first thing that greets you when you enter the gym is often a fridge full of several different protein drinks.  There is certainly no shortage of pressure or encouragement to indulge in protein supplementation, but is it actually beneficial to recovery and muscle development? This is a very important and frequently asked question, but sadly the answers given are often uneducated, biased or just plain lies.  Most supplement companies will advertise claims that their product will enhance muscle growth, make you bigger and stronger, and is necessary if […]

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have been dieting and exercising for 30 years to try to stay in shape. Literally, I have tried everything. I have all the running shoes and workout equipment, but I never really got leaner or stronger. 6 months ago I started In Shape Fitness to once again "try something else." My personal transformation since then has been nothing short of incredible. The motivation to push myself that David provides is a game changer. Now that I know all the moves and how much to do, I thought I could do it myself. I have tried many times. Nope. Its being in the class with David directing that makes the "it" happen. Forever your trainee.

Paul Garner
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