Excuses not to Exercise – Knee Pain and Arthritis

By Murtaza Ahmed MD As a doctor I spend a lot of my day listening to excuses as to why people can’t exercise. As I have repeatedly reinforced in previous posts, exercise is one of the most important treatments for many common diseases we see, and as such I find it hard when I see people missing out because they feel they are not able to get involved. My aim in this series of articles is to hopefully help you understand that there is almost always a safe to carry out some form of exercise and that a lot of the common misconceptions as to why you think you can’t exercise are nothing but a myth. I do want to stress here that I am in no way blaming you, the patient for feeling you can’t exercise. Unfounded ideas and misconceptions are rife in the world of healthcare and sadly these have a way of filtering into common belief and simply become accepted as truths. When we look for any actual evidence to substantiate these claims we often struggle to find anything. It is not only healthcare professionals who are guilty of passing on these misconceptions, but in the modern […]

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have been dieting and exercising for 30 years to try to stay in shape. Literally, I have tried everything. I have all the running shoes and workout equipment, but I never really got leaner or stronger. 6 months ago I started In Shape Fitness to once again "try something else." My personal transformation since then has been nothing short of incredible. The motivation to push myself that David provides is a game changer. Now that I know all the moves and how much to do, I thought I could do it myself. I have tried many times. Nope. Its being in the class with David directing that makes the "it" happen. Forever your trainee.

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