“How to get off the couch and start training”

 By David Johnson www.myheart.net  You’ve had it. You’re tired of watching the info-mercials of the guy or girl who is slim and trim, tired of looking at yourself in the mirror, and most of all, tired of telling yourself that you’ll start tomorrow, or Monday, or the beginning of next month. So you tell yourself, “I’M DOING THIS”. So now what? You’re not quite sure what to do, when, or most importantly, how to start exercising. This is a very common problem that I see with clientele that I meet on a daily basis. They all tell me the same things…..”I don’t know what I’m doing”, “I don’t have the money”, or my personal favorite, “I don’t have the time”. I’ve heard it all. But the fact of the matter is EVERYBODY NEEDS EXERCISE Now, whether you do it or not is ultimately up to you, but I’m going to tell you how to make exercise a WAY OF LIFE. Commit: If you want to start exercising, commitment is probably the most important thing in your program. Without the commitment, there is lack of discipline, no momentum, and ultimately, failure. Now that you have decided that you are tired of […]

Are Carbohydrates The Real Enemy?

By Murtaza Ahmed MD www.myheart.net For decades fat has been labeled as the enemy when it comes to obesity, diabetes and a whole range of health problems. In the medical world it has been blamed for the deposition of plaques in arteries and the cause of high cholesterol, and in the fitness world it is deemed the reason why people gain weight or are unable to lose it. Food companies have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, labelling their foods as “99% fat free” in an attempt to lure people into buying their products. And health and nutrition authorities have been more than happy to support them, claiming a fat-free diet is a healthy diet. Shockingly, however, this could not be further from the truth. Although this is now widespread knowledge in scientific communities, government agencies and multinational food corporations are reluctant to allow the truths to be revealed, for fear of a reduced profit margin. As more and more research becomes available, what we are actually seeing is that carbohydrates, not fats, may be responsible for a lot of our health and obesity problems. To understand this in more detail we must first explain exactly what it is […]

10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast!

By Murtaza Ahmed MD So you’ve made the decision to lose weight and get healthy, you have an idea what you should and shouldn’t be eating and you can’t wait to start seeing the results.  This is great and you are well on your way, so the last thing you want to do is make the mistakes so many people do that will set you back and waste your hard effort. Dieting is not as simple as just knowing the right things to eat.  There are many other aspects that will determine if you will be successful and you should do whatever you can in order make your journey more productive and pleasurable. 1)     Throw out the junk.  In the early stages of a diet you will inevitably go through some element of acute withdrawal from the foods you are trying not to eat.  Even those with the best intentions will at times feel like succumbing to temptation.  This is not your fault, instead it is the brain sensing a threat to its fat stores and trying to convince you that they need replenishing.  If the temptation is easily within reach then it becomes very easy to give in and […]

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I have been an exercise enthusiast for many years now. I started as a group exercise instructor then moved to a personal trainer. I was also a runner who competed in many 5-K runs. I had the head knowledge of what I needed to do to stay fit, I just didn't always have the drive to do it. That's where In Shape Fitness and David Johnson come in to play. I was working out at a fitness center one day when someone told me about In Shape Fitness and I thought to myself what in the world is this and do I want to be a part of it? That doesn't sound like much fun! But I knew I needed more than what I was allowing myself to do. And anyone who knows me knows I will try anything at least once! So I signed up for the classes and here I am two years later still loving every minute of it well almost every minute! Ha! David has a way of making you want to reach your potential. I have never worked out harder than I do now. He knows what you can do and pushes you (in a nice way) to reach your goals. Just when I think I can't do any more David says, Why don't you try it this way, or why don't you add this?  So I do and it works! I am probably in the best shape I have ever been in and have so much more stamina than I did years ago. I have also met so many people through In Shape. I personally enjoy working out with a group than doing it by myself. I feel like I put more into my workouts than I would if I was doing it alone. I look forward to my workouts every week and hate it when I have to miss. Thanks David for all you do and making me be the best I can be!

Carol Harris
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