Does Exercise Lower Blood Pressure?

By Mustafa Ahmed, MD In this article we will concentrate on the effects of aerobic exercise, (such as fast walking, running, cycling and swimming) on blood pressure (BP). It’s well known that people that are physically active live longer and are healthier, but what is the effect of exercise on blood pressure and how useful is exercise in the treatment of high blood pressure? Do The Studies Show That Exercise Lowers Blood pressure? Scientists have been suggesting exercise may be useful in lowering blood pressure since the 1960’s, and since that time many further studies have been performed to see just how effective it is. One study looked at the effect of exercise on BP in over 70 trials, with participants performing about 40 minutes of exercise three times a week. On average participants had a 3-point drop in BP readings, and those with high blood pressure noted a 5-6 point drop. Does The Intensity of Exercise Matter? Other smaller studies have looked at the effect of exercise intensity, and found that the degree of blood pressure lowering was similar in those doing high and low intensity exercise. A study of people with borderline high blood pressure showed that people […]


By Murtaza Ahmed MD When it comes to our health, exercise is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal, yet so many of us choose not to utilize it and aren’t gaining the benefits of exercise. In the modern day world we have begun to see exercise as a chore, something we must go to the gym after work or in our lunch hour to do, but this isn’t what exercise is about, it’s merely what we have turned it into. Once you unlock your potential to exercise you will see a whole new side to yourself, and I promise you will not regret it. The first step to helping you realize why you should partake in exercise it to explain to you why it is so beneficial. So what are the benefits of exercise. 1) Exercise will give you more energy. One reason people avoid exercise is because they feel tired. They think that if they go out and exercise they will become more exhausted so choose to do something non-physical instead. Nothing could be further from the truth. Exercise actually has the opposite effect and will in fact make you feel more energetic for […]

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