How To Gain Muscle Fast – Without Drugs!

By Murtaza Ahmed MD So after reading my post on “Can You Gain Muscle Fast Without Drugs? “,you will now understand that it simply isn’t possible to make the gains that magazines, websites and drug takers claim, without using drugs, but the good news is that you can make REAL and significant gains. What is important however is that you exploit your body’s natural potential by applying the following tips and techniques to ensure that you gain the most size and strength that is naturally possible. 1) Optimize Your Protein Intake – Notice that I say optimize not maximise! If you haven’t already, read my article on protein supplementation to understand exactly how much protein to ingest, how often, and most importantly, when to have it. It is a complicated topic on the surface that is very simple when you understand it and can lead to good gains. In a nutshell take 20g of protein within 20 minutes to 2 hours post workout,  and aim for between 60 – 100 grams per day to maximise your gains. 2) Concentrate on Strength and the Size Will Follow – I cannot think of anyone who is very strong but doesn’t have incredible underlying muscle structure. I can on the other hand think of several […]

Science of Exercise: Basal Metabolic Rate

The science of exercise will be a series of articles meant for those of you who like to dig a little bit deeper, yet remain practical when it comes to exercise. Prior to my career in medicine I was an engineer, which has served me well when thinking about the science of exercise and the perfectly engineered but incredibly complex system that is the human body. Despite the complexity and the fact that we are all individuals with different body shapes and sizes, years of scientific study has allowed us to determine many of the basic laws which govern our physiology, although that knowledge is ever evolving. As a physician, I am forced to constantly confront obesity as a major cause of morbidity and mortality. This is often a difficult discussion with patients and I commonly hear comments such as “doctor I don’t eat much at all” or “my metabolism must be slow” or “I am just different than everyone else doc.” While there may be a grain of truth in each of these statements, with proper knowledge, habits, and patience, all of these can be overcome. We will address these issues in more detail in future science of exercise posts, but […]

Sexy Abs – Free and Guaranteed Program

The Fastest Way To Get SEXY ABS – Guaranteed By Murtaza Ahmed MD How To Get Sexy Abs Fast Sexy Abs. The holy grail for many health enthusiasts, amateurs, and members of the general public alike. Every health magazine cover boasts a model with sexy abs and those who cast eyes upon them dream that one day they too may possess a rippling midriff. To most people first getting involved in exercise, this is seen as one of the most desirable things to achieve, and for good reason. There is little doubt that sexy abs are physically desirable and those who possess them often ooze confidence and attract awe. Everyone should know the fastest way to get SEXY ABS. However, the reality is that most of those onlookers feel that sexy abs are unattainable for them, and as a result will never achieve the look. Despite following the numerous different programs in each issue of the popular magazines, or paying a personal trainer hundreds of dollars to guide them, many people just can’t seem to reach the top of the proverbial mountain. The sexy abs they so crave continue to elude them despite all their efforts and hard work. After […]

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How To Gain Muscle Fast – Without Drugs!
Science of Exercise: Basal Metabolic Rate

have been dieting and exercising for 30 years to try to stay in shape. Literally, I have tried everything. I have all the running shoes and workout equipment, but I never really got leaner or stronger. 6 months ago I started In Shape Fitness to once again "try something else." My personal transformation since then has been nothing short of incredible. The motivation to push myself that David provides is a game changer. Now that I know all the moves and how much to do, I thought I could do it myself. I have tried many times. Nope. Its being in the class with David directing that makes the "it" happen. Forever your trainee.

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