How To Gain Muscle Fast – Without Drugs!
Posted on June 26, 2015

By Murtaza Ahmed MD

So after reading my post on “Can You Gain Muscle Fast Without Drugs? “,you will now understand that it simply isn’t possible to make the gains that magazines, websites and drug takers claim, without using drugs, but the good news is that you can make REAL and significant gains. What is important however is that you exploit your body’s natural potential by applying the following tips and techniques to ensure that you gain the most size and strength that is naturally possible.

1) Optimize Your Protein Intake – Notice that I say optimize not
maximise! If you haven’t already, read my article on protein
supplementation to understand exactly how much protein to ingest, how often, and most importantly, when to have it. It is a complicated topic on the surface that is very simple when you understand it and can lead to good gains. In a nutshell take 20g of protein within 20 minutes to 2 hours post workout,  and aim for between 60 – 100 grams per day to maximise your gains.

2) Concentrate on Strength and the Size Will Follow – I cannot think of anyone who is very strong but doesn’t have incredible underlying muscle structure. I can on the other hand think of several people who have far more muscle than me but who I can out lift with ease. Strength builds muscle – fact. If you want to gain muscle fast, concentrate on lifting heavy (with good technique!) and the size will follow. Heavy lifting also results in incredible density which is far more desirable than the “balloon like” steroid appearance.

3) Take Adequate Rest Days – Many of the routines in the bodybuilding world advocate training 6 or 7 days a week. If you are training properly, this places tremendous stress on the body, and without the aid of steroids or drugs, the body simply cannot recover. The muscles need time to recover and grow and overtraining them does not aid them. Believe it or not if you train 4-5 days a week you will have far better quality sessions and gain more muscle compared to 6-7 days a week. Try it if you want to gain muscle fast. Less effort with more gains – how can you complain!

4) Use Compound Movements – You will get far more gains by using compound exercises such as squat, clean, deadliest and so on when compared to isolation exercises like biceps curl. You work several muscles at once and their use results in a solid appearance which will set you apart from the rest. Read my article on “how to get a six pack” to understand how they can also result in a ripping mid section as a by product.

5) Be Careful With Supplements – If you’ve read my articles on protein supplements and creatine supplementation ,you will know that both of these can yield beneficial results. Be aware however that almost every other supplement on the market is little more than a gimmick designed to extract money from your wallet. There is no scientific evidence behind them and all the claims on the tub are simple made up. Sounds far fetched but it’s true. An interesting fact to note is that for most of the supplements on the market the packaging costs more than the product to produce. That should tell you all you need to know.

6) Legs, Legs, Legs – If you want to gain muscle fast this is vitally
important. Every gym has its fair share of people with large chest and biceps with skinny chicken legs hiding under those tactically long shorts. The legs contain the largest muscle groups in the body, so it makes sense to train them if you want to grow! Miss legs and miss out.

7) Ensure Adequate Calorie Intake – Beware of trying to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. To gain muscle, never mind gain muscle fast, you need to be in a positive energy balance .Despite what people say, it is simply not possible to gain any decent amount of muscle if you are dieting.

8) Get Adequate Sleep – Work yourself as hard as you want but if you don’t sleep afterwards you will simply not gain muscle. Doing nothing is as important as training. Look at any world class athlete’s schedule and it is dominated by rest. There is no exact figure that fits everyone, but what is important is that you sleep when you’re tired and have enough to feel rested when you wake up. If you want to gain muscle fast this is a must!

9) Vary Your Exercises – Each muscle can only grow at a certain rate over time. By changing your exercises on a regular basis you ensure that every muscle gets trained and has a chance to grow. Read  round and discover new exercises and regimes and give them a try.

10) Don’t Underestimate Trial and Error – Nobody gets to where they want to be without making mistakes and learning from them. Everybody has different abilities, mechanics and genetics. Some exercise and combinations will work better for certain groups than others. Don’t just blindly follow what people tell you to and expect to gain muscle fast. If something doesn’t work for you after a month, use your initiative and make changes and try again. Spend time developing your tools and then you will be able to apply them for evermore.

Apply this advice, be patient, train smart and you will gain muscle fast –it’s as simple as that and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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